5 Benefits of Google Plus

June 2011 saw the beginning of a limited field trial of Google Plus. Google, owner of the most popular search engine on the web, is taking on Facebook and Twitter to get its piece of the social networking pie. Even with the limited trial, Google+ already has over 10 million users within several weeks. Here are some of the benefits of Google+ and more information about the Google+ Project.

Google+ One: Google introduced Buy Google Reviews Google+ One on June 1, 2011. It is similar to the Facebook Like button and is an icon with +1 inside of it. The button can be placed on any page of a website and will signify that the content is important and recommended by other people. Information about clicks on the button will be used in the search results algorithm and will help to increase search rankings. Google itself claims that the +1 will not only increase traffic to a site but that traffic will be higher quality. Adding this button to your website is as easy as visiting the Google website. There you will choose one of the four sizes available and one of the 40 languages.

Circles: Circles is a feature that allows you to group your contacts. The main Google+ Benefit of this feature is that there may be information that you don’t want to share with everybody. Circles may include friends, family, friends from work, acquaintances, relatives, etc. This Google+ Feature is easier to use than Facebook groups. All you do is drag the contact and place him or her into the circle.

Hangouts and Huddles: A hangout is a place to video chat with your friends on one screen. An awesome Google+ Benefit is that up to ten people can use this function via webcam. You click on the Welcome button and choose contacts or circles. A huddle puts people together for a group chat on your mobile device. These have been shown to be very popular features of Google Plus.

Sparks: Sparks is a way to share articles, pictures, and videos with friends and family. When you click on the Share button, you will be able to choose which circles or individuals to share the content with. Also, sparks will present a drop down menu that will predict your topic when you search, similar to the old Google search. The dashboard will contain subjects you search for so you can access them easily.

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